Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan


Life has been going pretty well the past few weeks. I’ve been reaching out to old friends and trying different local restaurants…and after searching everywhere for some proper paneer cheese, I finally spotted some at the local Costco Wholesale, of all places!  I’m now the proud owner of two huge blocks; they’re sitting in my fridge, waiting to be a part of my next cooking adventure.     So the focus of today’s entry is Chicken Tikka Masala. [...]

Hearty and Healthy! Ground Turkey Tomato Pasta Sauce (Thanks Mom!)


I am blessed to have an amazing mother of many talents. She’s a fantastic writer, an imaginative thinker, and a huge source of support for her kids. On top of all that, she’s also a top-notch home cook. After I moved back home from New York, I surprised myself when I realized just how much I missed Mom’s cooking. Despite having dined at so many amazing restaurants in the Big Apple, I found myself most [...]

Wahoo for Indian Pizza!!


I’m told that the key to successful blogging is storytelling. Well, as a journalist I would hope that I’m capable of telling a good story. I’m not used or comfortable yet about the idea of sharing every facet of my life online — as much as I would love to build a relationship with my readers, I definitely would like to avoid creepers — but I am going to make an attempt to share little [...]

The Sweet Taste of Success! Chocolate Lava Cakes with Ice Cream


I’m back on track! I’ll admit it: I was hesitant to bake again after my last attempt left me with a hot steaming mess of undercooked dough and melty icing. But, I’m happy to say, lesson learned! Thanks to my sister’s fantastic math skills, I was able to recalculate the amount of ingredients I needed to pull off one of my favorite baked desserts of all time: the Chocolate Lava Cake! Pair with a scoop [...]

Fast, Easy, Healthy: Spinach Egg Drop Soup


Being Taiwanese, its no surprise that I’ve grown up eating a lot of Asian food. I take pride in the fact that my mom is a fantastic home cook who works hard to churn out delicious dishes for her family nearly every night. That’s why I was very excited to attempt F&W’s Spinach Egg Drop Soup, a very healthy, low calorie and tasty appetizer that’s fast and easy to make. Thanks to this recipe, I’ve [...]

Back to Basics: Banana Pudding Nilla Wafers

Banana Parfait

I first made this very simple but delicious dessert way back in the day in junior high. It is very easy to make and perfect for the busy professional, student or mommy on the go. Plus, with summer right around the corner, you can chill the dessert for a cool and tasty treat. Credit goes to my old cooking teacher and yes, Nabisco.     Banana Pudding Nilla Wafers Yield: 4 servings Time: 15-20 minutes [...]

Rocky Road: Milk Choco Frosted Layer Cake


  I knew eventually I’d hit a bump in the road somewhere. Who knew that baking could be so frustrating, such a learning experience? Granted, I’ve never baked anything in my life, but with my last two cooking attempts being a success, I ‘d hoped my first attempt at chocolate cake wouldn’t be a hot mess.     My mistake: Not leaving the cake in the oven long enough. It seems like such a silly [...]

Reptition, Repetition: Milanese Risotto

My First Risotto

I was real afraid this would turn out super badly. In fact, the entire time I’m making this dish, I’m weirdly imagining myself on Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Gordon Ramsey’s yelling his head off about how I’m a “donkey” thats “screwed up the risotto”. Yeesh. But fortunately, it looks like my first attempt at making this Italian favorite wasn’t bad!     According to the NY Times, Risotto isn’t the most difficult dish in the [...]

Bombay Oven: Food Worth the Wait


As they sang in Moulin Rouge, Spectacular, spectacular. Hands down, the best Indian food I’ve had in quite some time. I want to make clear that this review is towards the dinner hour at Bombay Oven, so I can’t speak for the lunchtime offerings (although I am told by the restaurant that the food is served buffet-style in the afternoon). It being a Monday night, there wasn’t much business when my friends and I arrived, but [...]

Creamy Carrot Soup w/ Scallions, Poppy Seeds

My Organic hoard from Whole Foods

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I love to eat. One of my absolute favorite pastimes as a former New Yorker was perusing the wide streets and back alleys of the four boroughs for tasty, mouthwatering eats. I’ve had some of the best ramen I’ve ever had in my life in the St. Marks area of downtown Manhattan, and sampled some of the world’s tastiest frankfurters at the original Nathan’s Famous on Coney [...]

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